dealssteam holiday sale-day 9


Truly, FTL = FTW

You control a crew on a spaceship trying to escape a rebel fleet. It's a rogue-like in the sense that death is permanent. The game is in real-time but can be paused to issue commands. Each sector has different areas to explore, quests to complete and components to buy(All before the rebel fleet can catch up with you). I highly recommend it and doubly so for $4.99.


I bought FTL last night, can't wait to play it!


I had torrented FTL a few months back to check it out, and wanted to wait after missing a previous sale. Love this game, and with the other deal going on over at Amazon with Civ IV & V for $10 ($7 after a $3 promo for buying some Christmas gifts) I am going to be neglecting Halo 4/Black Ops II/Assassin's Creed for a while.....wait a that doesn't sound right. I'm just not going to get a lot done in my really real life.