dealsubirock portable vibration speaker for $11.99


I picked up a couple of these off of a different deal-a-day site a while back. Recently bought a couple more from this vendor, too, since the manufacturer went bust. Don't expect much in the way of future support. They are surprising solid speakers, depending on the surface. Part of the fun comes from testing different surfaces to see how they sound. Wood laminate floor provides an amazing sound surface, as do quality hardwood furniture pieces.

The speakers do not do a good job with bass, but mid and high range are pretty solid. They make a great office/portable speaker set, and are great for ambient music for casual gatherings or presentations. Just don't expect to use these to replace quality home audio.

The only reason to opt for the "Whiterock" model over the "Alien" model is appearance. They both sound the same and use the same internals. The "whiterock" is heavier, and has a full metal body, while the "alien" is slightly larger with a plastic shell.


Use code UBIROCKNOW to take off an extra $2