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Why am I getting negative votes? This is a real consumer posting this. Maybe I made my post sound too much like an advertisement.

I really just bought my 3 phones from walmart online. Google walmart cell phones if you don't believe me.

My 3 phones ship out tomorrow and arrive Tuesday. The only hitch that I ran into is that if I renewed the old unlimited data plan ($30/month) it was going to charge me $80 for the Casio and the other 2 free. I changed it to a 2GB plan, (plenty enough for my use) and got all 3 phones free with my 2 year renewal. I was just in the Verizon store yesterday looking at the same phones and the cost was 329.97. Check verizon online pricing (its the same).


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Oh well, I guess I will just have to go on saving money by myself. With all the penny pinchers on Woot, I figured someone would be interested in cheap phones.


Look at all the other real deals, do they say "I just saved" no, because if you saved that, that doesnt mean we will, especially since you have to get a phone plan (which are always too much)


Throuogh my job, I can get a 19% discount on Verizon Wireless plans and a 12% discount on TMobile plans.

Verizon, with the discount but without taxes, already costs more than TMobile with taxes but without the discount. (I'm counting everything above the cost of the plan and any optional features as taxes, regardless of whether they are actual taxes or merely cost recovery fees.)

In my area (NYC), TMobile and Verizon are about the same in terms of signal, call drops and data speed.

As a person who prefers value over bottom line cost, Verizon simply doesn't make any sense to me. Why pay about 30% more for what amounts to the same thing? (Also, because TMobile uses SIM cards, I do not need to call anyone at all to move my plan to a different device, as long as I'm not hopping between Bumbleberries and Android devices: that now requires a call though it didn't in the past.)


@miquinn: I am just saying, if you are one of those people who has already made the decision to renew or start a new contract with verizon, getting your phones through walmart will always be the same price or less. In the case of the phones that I chose, you will save a bunch.

So I am pretty sure you will save or get the exact same deal as going to the verizon store. I am not sure how this is a bad deal. So far everyone I have told about the price I got was surprised to find out how much I saved, so why the resistance.


@baqui63: I live in a rural area, and verizon gets me better coverage than other cell providers. So switching cell providers is not really an option for me, unless I am just using the phone as a pricey alarm clock. Regardless, I am talking about verizon phone prices here, not trying to convert T-mobile, AT&T or Virgin customers. If I could pay less for the same quality cell service I would. I am not verizon customer by religion.


I am not saying Verizon has the best service everywhere or the best phone plans... Just saying that if you are up for your 2-year renewal and looking for a sweet deal on verizon phones, than you should check out the prices at walmart before going to the local retailer. Isn't that what this website is about (posting deals that have a high potential to save you money).

The monthly pricing on the plans is exactly the same as the dealer.

If you like paying more for a specific phone, give this a negative vote.
If you like paying less for the same phone please give this a positive vote.

Its that simple.


I think that Verizon is good. Great coverage for me. A year ago or so I took advantage of a special so I am getting unlimited 4G for 10 bucks per month.

My problem is with Letstalk. One contract is bad enough but Letstalk adds it's own contract on top of Verizon's. I would be afraid that if I fell on hard times, I could not afford to get out of both contracts.

I am just saying be careful with Letstalk.


@miquinn: "Get Out"???

What have I done that warrants such animosisty? Just trying to share a neat and widely unknown fact that if you renew your subscription through walmart online, that you have the potential to save hundreds on your new phones. You used to be able to get most of the available phones for free years ago, but now the free phones are pretty rare. This is a way around that. It does come with restrictions, such as the higher cancellation fee. However, I don't plan on cancelling my subscription within the next 2 years.

Is everyone downvoting this deal because they are ticked now that they realize they paid too much for their new phone? I have already shared this verbally with other friends and and nobody had anything bad to say about it.

If you aren't financially stable enough to pay your monthly cell phone bill as written in your contract, perhaps you should consider not owning a cell phone...


Oh btw, I just realized that this deal also applies to non-verizon customers. However, I have not researched the savings on those other providers.

The providers listed besides Verizon are as follows:
Boost Mobile

Signing off, as I think most people have already given up on this deal. I am not sure how I could have posted this deal for people to have actually been receptive to it. I thought by sharing the amount that I saved, it would help people get an idea about what kind of savings were available. Maybe I sounded too much like a Geico commercial. I will try to conceal my joy next time.

Ran out of space... Continued...



Next ad 2 years from now will read:

"Possibility of savings exists on new cell phones with a renewal or new subscription. Some restrictions apply. Most (not all) phones are discounted well below dealer pricing. Nothing is for free, but if you don't plan on cancelling your 2-yr subscription, this may be a good deal for you."

I can't wait to get my phones though! They arrive tomorrow!

I'm out.


@chemicalgutter: "Possibility of savings exists on new cell phones with a renewal or new subscription. Some restrictions apply. Most (not all) phones are discounted well below dealer pricing. Nothing is for free, but if you don't plan on cancelling your 2-yr subscription, this may be a good deal for you."

I think you just summed up the reason why people downvoted your deal. The above text is an ad for pretty much any cell phone dealer, whether or not they are running a special promotion. (In other words: not really a generic deal, like "the first 500 people to use this coupon code get X for really cheap.")

Given this, your deal is little more than an ad for a cell phone dealer, which is considered spam around here.

(BTW- I do know the feeling: around Father's Day 2010, I got a pair of TMobile myTouch 3G Slide phones for free, plus $5/month off on each data plan. Saved about $428 up front and $240 over 2 years. With no extra contract. Just had to wait on hold for 20 minutes.)


@baqui63: I think I understand what you are saying.

Just to be clear, I am not making an ad for a cell phone dealer. That was not my intention. I was just trying to share the savings that I experienced yesterday after being told by the Verizon dealer that my cost would be $329 for the phones I wanted. I decided to research online for a better deal, I checked the Verizon store and Google. And it just so happened that Walmart had the best deals on the cell phones I picked as well as multiple others.

That said, I see why my post kind of came off like an ad. I wrote it as a consumer trying to share my money-saving experience, rather than an objective deal seaker, trying to post a clear and concise deal. Our modern TV commercials are based off people giving personal experiences and that is why it had a sour reception on this website. Usually when I find a deal, it is a specific item that I can link with a price.

Guess next time I wonn't share it when I find a deal like this.


I just got all three phones yesterday and activated them. I am loving my Casio Commando. I feel bad for all the folks who paid $150 bucks for this beauty. Checked my verizon account and all things remain the same. My monthly payment hasn't changed.