dealsthe anne stories: 11 books, plus audiobooks…


These are out of copyright books that have been "formatted" by the person who is offering them on Amazon. LM Montgomery's estate will not receive royalties for this. Buy this if you want to line the pockets of of the person who has basically stolen LM Montgomery's work.


The audiobook links given on the kindle just direct you to a website ( where these audiobooks are available FREE to anyone.


If I have a "Kindle Reader" app for my IPad, can I take advantage of this great deal??!!!


Yes mjonczak. This is compatible with the Kindle reading app.


@leronis: Considered his pocket .99 cents more lined.


@leronis: To steal his work would be to take his unpublished work, and publish it in his name. He is putting in the work to format these for Kindle, I would say that's worth .99 cents a pop.