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it might be worth it just for the knife- Gerber


This is barely a survival kit.. It's more like the kind of kit you'd pack in your daytrip pack.

No cordage, no safety pins, thread, needle, hooks, duct tape, whistle, or just about anything I'd actually hope to have in a basic survival kit.

For 20 bucks it's a goddamn rip off unless the knife is high quality. Make your own and it'd probably run 15 bucks and have ten times the stuff that you'd actually need.


This goes for 31 on Amazon. The knife alone runs for $13 on Amazon. Not a bad deal, but I wouldn't do it just for the knife. Those are real storm-proof matches, not the similar-looking junk ones you find on eBay. The kit needs water purifying tablets, though.


You're much better off buying a small, inexpensive lumbar (fanny) pack [Woot has had some small Mountainsmiths for $7-10 recently] and complete it with your own items that can be tailored to the environment in which you're operating. You keep this small waist belt on you at ALL times in case you are separated from your other gear. You'll need to read some literature and spend some time becoming familiar w/ everything you have in the kit (what's the point if you don't know how the stuff works or why?), but needless to say, as previously stated, this is nowhere near what I would consider essentials. I'd much sooner have rigger's tape and 550 cord than bandages. Just some thoughts. That said, this could be used as a very nice starter kit to introduce kids/teens and let them build onto the kit as they become more experienced - Socratic survival so to speak.


FWIW, my impression of Gerber Knives really took a dive when they teamed up with Bear Grylls. As theflatline said above, you'd be much better off making your own kit.

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@trypsin: Yes, this goes for 31 bucks on Amazon, and is a total ripoff IMHO.

For 4 dollars more you could get this:

and have an insanely better cornerstone for a survival kit.


Lame. There is nothing in there to store my urine for later drinking. Can't believe B.G. would put his name on this one.


bear grylls, THE ultimate survival TOOL


Why would a baby food company sell such a thing? A Chuck Norris baby could use it but not many others.


Just in time. I'm flying in a small plane over a remote part of the Amazon jungle next week and my pilot is a bit sketchy.


@kamikazeken: Bwahaha!

Also, @hohlraum, I can't believe we got that many comments in before a urine-drinking ref. Wooters are slipping...


I will never give my money to something that has Bear Grylls' name attached to it.


What's wrong with Bear Grylls? I'd totally buy this kit! If it was on clearance for $10 or less... /shrug