dealsroku hd streaming player: electronics for $49.96…


Also available directly from Roku for the same price w/free shipping:


@zippy the pinhead: I'd rather get the amazon points and 2-day shipping.


Let me save you the same pain I had. DirecTV does not support HBOGo on Roku - I called and complained and they just told me "It's all available in our On Demand Channels". However I told them that the respository "On Demand" is incomplete - if I log into HBOGo I get everything. It's stupid

However for everything else on the Roku, "9 out of 10, would buy again"


The description is a misleading. The title says Roku HD, but the description says Roku 2 HD, but there isn't a Roku 2 HD, just the Roku 2 XD, which this isn't it. This is just the Roku HD (aka Roku 1).


@mephistothefishman: If this is considered the Roku 1, what is the Roku LT?


Might want to check out the new Google Chromecast released earlier today, it's only $30.


@kev50027: It's also incredibly anemic. Youtube, netflix, and Google Play are the only things it supports right now.

For 35 bucks I'd say that's overpriced. But the tech itself is a step in the right direction.


@mephistothefishman: This is not the Roku 1 HD. There never was one by that name.
The original/1st-generation Roku HD looks nothing like this (I have 2 of them). To see what they look like (for comparison), see this woot:

For the list of Roku models and features, see Wikipedia:

For those who want to stream local content to their Rokus, check out "mymedia". Note there are two unrelated projects with this name, I've only used the free/open-source one written in Python (should run on anything):
(I have no affiliation, other than a happy user of this software)


@theflatline: Agreed, I have no use for a device like this, the PS3 does all of this and more, but I think the Chromecast adds something new to the mix since you can control it with a phone, tablet, or laptop. Since you're already on your devices while watching TV, why not? It makes sense, and there's the potential for more features down the road. I always though a dongle type device makes much more sense than a set top box for something like this too.


@kev50027: the Rokus allow for control by phone laptop and tablet too. I control ours with an iPad, a Surface, a Windows Phone, and an iPhone.


I love the Roku! Have 2 of the Roku 3's, and 1 of the Roku 2 XD. ANGRY BIRDS FOR ALL!