dealsamazon kindle fire hd 7 previous generation 16gb…


Sold out online. You have to have it available for pick up at a store near you. It gives me the following error message:

This item is not available at the store you selected: Amazon - Kindle Fire HD 7 (Previous Generation) - 16GB - Black
Please click on "Find more stores" below to see more options. Or you can choose to ship this item instead.

However, when you try to ask it to ship the item instead, it says that it is not available for shipping. If you get your zip to work, please consider posting it so I can think about whether I have a friend in that town to ask to pick it up for me! Thanks.


This same deal was up here about 4 days ago, but you needed to enter KINDLEDEAL code to get it at this price. Now they've got it listed for the same sale price, sans code, but stock was apparently wiped out during the previous deal. I would call your local Best Buy and ask for a raincheck at this price since they've still got it listed for sale at $99. Good luck, this appears to be an amazing tablet at an amazing price.


Shows available but only for store pick up . . .and it is unavailable at every store in my area. Ummm


Be aware this is the "special offers" version if it matter to you.
I just happen to catch the last line at the bottom of the description-

Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers
Offers are displayed on the lock screen and lower left-hand corner of the home screen without interrupting use of device.

Still a great deal!!


I have about 10 stores within 150 mile radius, and it is unavailable in every one of them. This is a joke!


I got mine on black friday. Gave it to wife as an early Christmas present, she loves it!!


Good luck with this. Sold out at EVERY store in three zip codes locally and near family. We're talking about 50 stores in all.


I am in the portland area and the 20ish stores it showed me all listed this as unavailable


In Nebraska, there are none available in Nebraska and Iowa.


@majorwest: And the day after that, it was a Black Friday sale both in-stores and online. Yes - definitely sold out most places.


thumbs down to Best Buy for posting a fake sale. Like the posters said, these all sold out days ago, and now they're relisting to PRETEND they could sell it to someone.

I doubt more than a handful of people nationwide got this deal unless they find some low traffic store, or location where someone else returned one