dealshp pavilion 17.3" led a6 dual-core 8gb 1tb hdmi…


8 gig ram and 1 tb harddrive and 17 inch screen. That is above competitive specs and for 400. Normally for 500 (but new) you get 4 gig ram and 500 gig harddrive with a 15 inch screen.
This seems like a good deal to me.
One downside tho, the laptop looks real thick.


No Blue-Ray? Though still a pretty nice laptop, I don't understand how they can sell any laptop/computer without one. That is until the next nest thing comes along and we have to buy our movie collections all over again.... again


@xmracer: Can you post a few links for a 17" machine with these specs and a blu-ray for the same price point? Thanks.


@jmbunkin: I wish I could.
I did say that this was a good machine. I did not say anything about the price point either (which I think is fair)
My Blue-ray comment was more general, about ALL laptops and computers being sold. BR has been out for years now, it's not like the technology demands a premium price anymore.


The trend now is getting rid of optical drives. More people are using video streaming. It saves weight, extends battery life and you don't need to carry the disk with you.