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Like most streaming devices, TVs & BluRay player apps - is one not able to stream Youtube, regular Hulu, or network episode libraries; i.e. what most people want to stream? Why are we not able to have normal Hulu on these units, but must subscribe to Hulu plus?


I just got a Roku (the XS) a couple days ago. It doesn't appear to have youtube on it, but I might have just not found a channel yet for it.

To view Hulu on any non-PC device (iphone, ps3, wii, roku) you need to be a Hulu Plus subscriber. I've had Hulu Plus for about a year now and I'm still on the fence about it. Some shows are not available on Hulu Plus that are on regular Hulu.

You can get a program called Plex that will stream movies/episodes from your local network to the Plex channel on the Roku. It is the best local streaming solution that I've experienced. I was previously doing it through my PS3, but Plex is much nicer. It even automatically gets information online about your library so you can read the episode description, etc.


Interesting... I forgo cable, but do subscribe to Netflix. My goal is to minimize monthly fees, so I will not subscribe to Hulu Plus when I can watch most of what I want through Hulu. I have streaming TV and BluRay, but still stream the laptop to TV for youtube / Hulu. Not quite the same quality of video as the TV / BluRay app streaming of Netflix, etc.

Is there any expense to the Plex program? Looking for any angles that I can get without forking over more monthly fees. Figure $100/month for cable -> $1,200/year. Downloading is pretty tight since the Megaupload situation unfolded.


@rsnboomer: The Plex Media Server (and Roku channel) are both free.

I'm shocked at how well it works. I've used quite a few different media servers (for Mac) and each one won't play certain formats, which forced me to run two different ones (or convert all my media). This one has been able to play everything I've thrown at it so far.

For Netflix and Hulu Plus I get 90% of the shows/movies I want to watch for about $15/month. For the ones I can't get there, I look to less legitimate sources.

Also, if you know anybody with HBO (and they are willing to share), there is the HBO Go channel that lets you watch HBO content for free. You just need to have them give you their log-in information (I think it is just email address, password and zip code)