dealsfirst pair of glasses free @


My free glasses came to about $70 after you add in the better frames and then get all the add on's to protect the lens. Thanks but no thanks


Note to self: Don't add in extras that will raise your total to $70 and if you do, don't come on woot and complain about the EXTRAS that you elected to add.

Problem solved.

I got this deal a couple weeks ago and paid out about 12 bucks with shipping. Good frame, basic single vision lens and no frills. 12 bucks for quality glasses can NOT be beat!


Is this anything other than what Coastal always offer to first time customers? If not what is the coupon code for?


If you need even mild bifocals don't even bother clicking - the prices are outrageous compared to other on-line retailers (,, etc)
(my "free" glasses came to $247 before shipping - no "add ons" other than required lenses)

I "barely" need bifocals (it's a mild scrip) and the minimum lens cost was $149. I can walk into a local eyeglass store and get that pricing.

HUGE selection of "hipster" frames tho - so that's awesome.

Why is this """deal""" even here? These are about the worst prices I've seen for glasses on-line (I've been buying them this way for > 10 years)


@pufferfishy: my kid brother is looking to buy glasses cheaper online-where would you reccommend?


I would whole heartedly reccomend Sign up to their email subscription and you'll always be alerted of sales they have. Even without the sales (which is just a few bux off) you can usually get a pair of glasses for around 12 bux shipped. WITH TINT!!!!! Free tint. I have about 5 pair of glasses from that place.
Check out the sale they have going on NOW. 2 pairs of glasses for 6.95. Restricted to the 4.95 frames. TONS of different frames to search from in that price bracket too. I'm already past 20 pages of designs!


I have had good success with both of the sites I linked above. optical4less is in China and it takes a while for them to arrive, but the glasses are decent quality for the price - particularly if you are looking for "hingless rimless" glasses (they are SUPER light, and here in the states the """frames""" alone go for hundreds of bucks)


@tattooedbear: Wow - I just ordered a pair of hingless / rimless progressive bifocals (see the "Elegant" frame) with upgraded & coated lenses from goggles4u for $45 - that's a deal.


Having used 4 different online eyeglass retailers now, I can only suggest that people try 3 pair with no problems, and when my son broke one of my frames, they sent me a replacement for free.

Their initial cost is not as low as Zenni or others, but they are comparable once you add on the coatings, polycarbonate, etc. Most importantly, 3 pairs with no returns. Zenni: tried 2 pair, both had the PD wrong, got a refund after eating shipping costs and all the delays.


I just picked up a pair for $24, including shipping, anti glare, anti scratch and UV coatings. Not a bad deal at all. I've purchased several pairs from goggles4u as well, and while I could have gotten glass for less, the frame selection in the low cost range is generally weak, so I end up spending more there as well to get frames I like. There's a reason most of the cheap frames are that cheap.