dealscod: modern warfare 3 xbox 360 + 12months xbox…


great deal considering that the game will cost $65 with tax and the best deal I've seen for 12 months live was for $35.


Just remember, with all that money you're saving, you can contribute it to your Call of Duty 'Elite' subscription!


Good deal...unfortunately this game is horrible.


Love this game! Well, MW2 anyway. Going to try to get one each for my little brother and I. We play over Live since he lives in CA and I live in WI. It's a great way to have some brother "bonding" time while shooting other people in the face. :oP


BTW - BestBuy has MW3 on sale for $51.99 plus free shipping currently, and a Live 12 month subscription on sale for 34.99. That still comes out to $86.98 before taxes as the best deal I've come across until this one.


@romeojn: Can you show me a link for that xbox live membership? I'm on and only see it for $60.00.


You have to add the game to your cart and it will show up as $51.99. I just bought it yesterday for that price from the store. The deal is for both in-store and online but I'm pretty sure it's for a limited time.