dealssquare enix ultimate collection [download] for $7…


Not quite deserving of the title "Ultimate collection" when compared to other collections of Square Enix's games out there but still a great price nonetheless. Just Cause 2 alone is worth more than that.

Even if you have one or two games out of this collection consider buying it anyways and giving the extra keys to friends.


I saw Square Enix Ultimate and I was expecting some Dragon Quest. I sad.


Well I regret buying each of those games separately for the price of the bundle each.


Nothing too compelling for me. Has hoping for it to really be more of an actual ultimate collection. Still a good deal if you want those games.


I expected final fantasy, dragon quest, and maybe even Human Revolution (they published it). This isnt very ultimate, but even Just Cause 2 and K&L 2 at this price is a steal.


Can we enable this on Steam ?


@pompjoggie: All of them except Tomb Raider: Underworld are on the official list of games that can be activated with a retail key:

I've always heard Just Cause 2 was fun, I might grab this.


All of them activate on Steam except Underworld, did them myself this morning