dealsstanley 10 piece screwdriver set (60-100) for $1…


@rmsalt... If you have the Ace card, you can enter online = fast/easy, no mailing or removing UPCs! :D I've purchased many items from Ace (usually instore), and have never had a problem with their rebates!

I like supporting Ace--they are locally owned and a coop type of company. All the employees are knowledgable and act like they really want to help you find what you want.

I have the Stanley screwdriver set, and like it so much, I'm going to get another for the car. THANKS for the post; I didn't realize there was this deal going on.


Mail-in rebates... no thanks!


I dont see anything about a rebate on any of these items?


Look for the rebate link (right hand corner, just below the cart indicator). Follow the link and it'll give you details on these and other items.