dealslaptop flash sale for $99.99


They're netbooks, not laptops, and most all have no O/S installed or no O/S backup CD or O/S back-up partition, so essentially a brick until you contact the manufacturer for a restore disk (probably the only way you're going to get all the hardware recognized . . . ). One has an O/S, but no battery. The battery was $50 on eBay. Heck, one had no O/S, no back-up, no battery and no power cable . . . there's a bargain. You can get these used with ALL the parts on eBay for the same or less money.


@gregbowman: This is how these work. It is starting with the netbooks and will build over the next day. Just give it time. The better ones will be later.

A few days ago there was a flash sale for tablets. It started with Blackberry Playbooks. Trust me it got better. I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB for 169.99 about 16 hours in. THAT is a bargain. And no, I did not watch it the whole time. I started when the prices were going up, therefore the devices were getting better.


@morriea: Thanks! I see they are up to 14 inch laptops for ~$149.00 now . . I'll keep checking back . . .


@gregbowman: lol..sometimes I think I should wait till the middle of the Flash Sales to post. It would look better to people checking it out!


be advised that these are customer returns and all parts may not be functioning. I have had success with a Wii but received a PS3 in which the disc drive did not work. Returning it was easy though. Be advised that shipping takes forever, approximately 10 to 14 days. (CA to NJ).


Sorry kids, the fun is over. Maybe next time. The deal is dead.


@shampshi: Nope. I just clicked another is there. This is par for the course. People do not pay their cart and the item is offered again. Just hit F5 from time to time. This could go on for a couple more hours.