dealsbarska pro edition metal detector for $69.99…


You'd be an idiot not to pick up one of these.

I've seen something like this on TV before. You spend the 200 dollars (only 70 here) and then you walk around the park and dig up coins from 1820 and make thousands. Just Like That. This thing practically pays for it self in minutes.

Upvoting for the deal but I wouldn't get it myself.


Hahaha! This is the same cheap metal detector Radio Shack sold 20 years ago! Not the best but the coil is waterproof. If you really want to try treasure hunting (and by treasure hunting, I mean being that creepy guy at the elementary school playground after hours) put your $60 towards a better metal detector.


@cowboydann: Sounds to me like you're calling yourself an idiot! "I wouldn't get it myself" and "You'd be an idiot not to pick up one of these"
Down-voting for the stupid comment.


@jrbarbe1964: Oh sorry, those were the commercial's words not mine. I forgot the quotation marks.