dealslego super star destroyer for $319.98 + freeā€¦


Oh, how I wish I had the space for this...

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I have one. I'm building it with my kids, just an hour or two every two weeks. It is a sight to behold, even partially done. I paid $400 for it, $320 is probably as good a deal as you'll get


Actually, this is an amazing deal on it. This is the ultimate collector's edition, over 3,000 bricks and over four feet long. It's huge, it's detailed, it's a limited edition, and it's awesome. It would be worth picking up just to sit on for collector value once it goes out of print.

Just to give you some idea:

Ultimate Collector's Series X-Wing - Now selling for $1,700
Ultimate Collector's Series Tie Interceptor - Now selling for $650
Ultimate Collector's Series Tantive IV - Now selling for $1,200 (This one was just released a year or so ago)
Ultimate Collector's Series Millenium Falcon - Now selling for ~$3,000
Ultimate Collector's Series Imperial Star Destroyer - Now selling for $1,700

Of those sets, I believe the Falcon was the only one larger.

If you don't understand the market, you can't really make snarky comments about the price, especially when it IS a good deal.

Oh, and it could be to scale and only be 1" long. All "to scale" means is that it's proportionally correct.


@jai151: I meant "to scale" with the included minifigs.

Here you go:
Assume the average human is 1.5m tall (okay, 1.7m in the UK, and we know all the Imperials are British, but 1.5 makes the math easier)
Minifig is 1.5"
Executor is 19,000m, so a scale Lego model would be 19,000", or 1,583' 4"


@rayray8822: Fair enough, I will gladly take back the afterthought line of my response.

The rest of it stands. =P


@johnbr: "Come on kids, lets build my, uhhh, your Lego Super Star Destroyer." "Ahhh, dad, do we have to?" "Come on kids, it'll be fun, and just think how envious all your friends will be, when they see the completed ship!" "Dad, our friends have never even heard of Star Wars and they think this is lame." "I'll buy you ice cream afterwards and give you each some extra allowance." "Yay!!! Let's build the ship!"

Does this sound like your house?


Holy cow, the instruction PDF download is 75MB and something like 225 pages!

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@rayray8822: Well if one that is four feet long goes for $320, that's about $80 per foot. So if the "to scale" version is 1600 feet long, give or take, you're looking at about $128,000! Not counting the scaffolding you'd need to build the thing, of course!


@jai151: Those prices for collector's sets are unopened, I'm sure. Which, actually, is how I prefer my Legos.

MY kids are like this: "Can we get this?"

$40 later, "Lets build it!"

By page two in the instructions: "When's it going to be done, this is too hard?" Me: "Stop mixing up all the damn pieces! Where's the little black one with the thing? Those don't go together!"

An hour after the kids have gone to play video games, I complete it. "Hey Kids! It's done!"

"Yay" they exclaim! Then they pick it up to play with it and -crunch- it falls apart into a thousand pieces. "Wahhhh" they say! "Wahhhh" I say!

Quality time, yep, quality time...


@johnbr: Too bad you didn't go with the Death Star. Then, while it's sitting there half finished, you could pretend it's the one under construction from "Return of the Jedi!"