dealsgreatest hits: the cure: mp3 downloads for $3.99


Why would I pay 3.99 for one song?


@rcburson: you wouldn't. it's 3.99 for the mp3 album.

vote-for1vote-against, I think rcburson was editorializing, not misreading.

Got your back, rc.


Noteably absent - Killing an Arab. Cravenly PC re-release. If you want the stuff they really sang - get "Staring at the Sea - The Singles"


Couldn't agree with you more, @wba84. "Staring At The Sea" is a far superior collection, followed (but not too closely) by "Galore".

This version is not their "greatest hits". I really don't know why the label called it that.

I love The Cure, but very much dislike this particular collection.


"Staring at the Sea" with the B-Sides on cassette was awesome, but they were not on the CD version. Life was dreary until Join the Dots came out in 2004.


@beaglebrains: Ah, so they were saying you only get one good song for that price. Nevertheless, the post seemed to indicate they misread and should therefore be mercilessly ridiculed by way of cute kitteh pics; such is the law of the Internet.


If you truly only like 1 song, you are in luck! It's only $1.29 for you! I still like the cat.


I love the cats, @jhorn! You know, like track 5...