dealssp volleyball platinum set for $39.99 + $5.00…


Looks like great fun for the summer! I'm ready for summer!


I tried setting one of these up once. Good luck.


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With my volleyball skills the "platinum" version would be overkill! Think I'll wait for the "tin" set to be sold on Woot.


FWIW, Sportcraft has filed for Ch 7 liquidation. The pic doesn't even show the ropes which are often the first thing to break, and a 90 day warranty on a new item means it will break quickly.


Anybody else look at the picture and think this was a miniature set? For some reason it looks like this is doll-size volleyball equipment to me.


you'd think that by the time you get to platinum you'd get a ball...


@thepaulpage: "PVC sponge volleyball with a butyl bladder; includes inflating pump and needle"


I also purchased one of these @ a retail store last summer, holy cow you need an engineering degree to set it up.


Got a similar one from a certain blue fonted Big Box Retailer. For what you're paying, it's worth it. Just with the amount of lines/ ropes this thing comes with, you definitely need to keep it organized after each use. Rolling up the net around one of the poles may be the best way to store it. If you just use common sense of where you set the anchors, you'll be fine. Just get a better ball! The ones that come with these are terrible!


in for one. definitely a great way to make friends at the beach.


I tried to order the Volleyball Set and the site was down. I'd still like it. Is there a way to order this item even though it was yesterdays item?


@thunderthighs: Hi, It's still happening. I click "I want one" and it goes to the blog page. No way to actually order this item. I'll keep an eye out for it to be a featured item. Thanks, T.


@twinky933: This was for sale about 2 weeks ago. Sellout, like Woot, sells one thing a day so when that day is over, it's no longer for sale. Also, watch for the RIP symbol next to a deal. That indicates that the deal is no longer availble.

Keep checking though because it could return.

Hope that helps!