dealsiphone 4/4s battery case & headphone amplifier…


Somehow I'm not too keen on getting a $15 amplifier, especially one that preys upon ignorance by pretending to be a tube amp.


This case is not just an amp, didn't purchase for this reason. I charged it up, then when my Iphone went down to a 40% charge, I pressed the charging button on the nack & it was at 100% in less than 5 minutes! I am kicking myself for not getting one for everyone I know that has an Iphone! Other sites are asking outrageous prices, seen as high as $99, the lowest for $59 on ebay!! This item was worth every penny for as you know the Iphone is not big on its' talk time. The unit shuts itself off after gompletely charging. I am sooooo regretful I did not buy more. For $15 you should have checked it out, but my review is honest & true, it is a life saver!!!