dealsplantronics pulsar 260 bluetooth headset…


I'm using this headset RIGHT NOW to listen to Pandora from my phone. Works better than most headsets for calls as well. The bass response isn't exbawx hueg but it isn't bad either.
I've heard people call the Pulsar 260 awkward with its cable, but I actually prefer it over headset-only devices, for the ability to plug in nearly any other headphones (make up for the bass thing) if you like and placing the media controls where they're handy rather than fumbling at the side of your head.
This uses BT 2.1+EDR, which has the older 90ish ft range, as opposed to the 300' of BT 4.0 or the (god forbid) BT 3.0 range of like 30' if you're lucky. Max range, of course, is also reliant on your device's Bluetooth version. Any A2DP device made in the last, like, eight years will support the EDR profile, which is a low-compression higher bitrate than regular v1.2 or 2.x rates, but slower than the v3/4 max. Wikipedia should have more information, but 2.1+EDR is more than sufficient for good audio.


Should also mention that if you get an Altec Lansing branded headset, email and demand a replacement or refund. If it isn't the Plantronics set pictured on the site, the microphone and earbud quality is going to be in the toilet. I've ordered a couple sets to replace just the earbud portion on mine and twice gotten AL branded garbage. Just make a little noise about not getting the product received and they should dig up the actual product to send you.