dealsatari flashback 4 classic video game console for…


and no games :(

this would be great for a movie set or something, but this sticks unless you have the games

still kinda stinks


"includes 75 of the greatest games ever produced by Atari in one system."

here is the list of included games.


for circus atari and breakout -- if i remember right those games used the paddles (or whatever they were called.. they had a wheely controller) .... .they prob won't work right with the joysticks, right?


just noticed no fishing derby or barnstorming... but luckily there's "combat".. we must have had 4 copies of combat (we went through a few atari 2600's ) :)


Can this one be hacked to work with the original 2600 cartridges? I have a flashback 2 that is hack-able and was looking to get a working replacement for it before I bust out the soldering iron...


This is considerably more expensive than the one I saw at my local grocery store (really, it was being sold at the grocery store).


Too bad it doesn't come with E.T.


@wilcononomous: No River Raid? Pfft....greatest games my posterior.


If you search at Amazon you'll see:

1) This is not a great price just an ok deal.

2) There is a "deluxe" version that includes the paddles mentioned as needed for Circus. And the paddles are sold separately.


This includes a few games that weren't released back in the day but were resurrected or recreated for these consoles. As someone who saw many sunrises after a few hours of Adventure and Haunted House, it'll be fun to see what the sequels are like.

But if you just want to play the games, especially if they aren't included, search for the Stella emulator. You can usually find repositories of all the games pretty easily, too. Of course third-party games like River Raid and Fishing Derby can't be included with this.


Also: Black Friday? Excuse me? Does Meijer have the fake trees and all that crap out now too?


The original 2600 paddles will work with this system. It uses the exact same connections. Just swing by a thrift store or used video game store and pick up a pair of vintage paddles for $10.


@lparsons42: unfortunately, no, only the Flashback 2 and 2+ can have a cartridge port added.


No Pacman or Mrs Pacman, no pitfall... no sir, I don't like it!


I remember when @Jumbowoot sent one of these to me .... I think it was version 2