dealsthe neverending story [blu-ray] for $5.49


This is my favorite movie of all time. p.s.


Has anyone really been
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look more like?

That's all I think of when I see this movie now.
Thanks internet memes.

(reference from a google image search in url below)


I take back my tattle... deal still on. Not sure what Amazon was up to...


For those of you wanting to give this as a gift for Xmas, be warned that it "usually ships in 11-14 days"

I MIGHT get here before Xmas, but don't count on it.


One of my favorite movies as a child. Saw it again a few years ago in my mid 20s...I wouldn't recommend repeating my actions if you're hoping to preserve the nostalgia.


@geniekid: I still love it, even as an adult. I wouldn't call it Oscar-worthy, but I think the 80s cheesiness makes it good :D