dealslego monster fighters 9467 the ghost train for…


Good deal with Prime - however this Lego series is kind of blah.


@kbsig106: two words for you: Jack Stone

Monsters line was awesome. Sucks it's gone for Chima.


Wal-mart near my place still has 2 on clearance for $54


@orphicdragon: Two words for you - Classic Space

They're missing the boat by not bringing elements of the 1979-1987 line back. Make a revised LL 918, LL 928 - would be a solid hit with several generations.

As for this set, we have it and like the airplane the best.


@kbsig106: Classic space is my favorite. They were the only Lego's I had as a kid.


Ordered one yesterday with store pickup option. Great deal, seems it's an online price, as it was still $79.97 in store.

------------referring to Wal-Mart, not Amazon of course:)