dealsheadlamp, 1600 lumens cree xm-l xml t6 led…


So is the draw to this product the fact that it can use the 18650's? Does it actually provide a resource for charging the batteries, making the unit itself rechargeable...or does it simply run off rechargeable batteries? I'm just trying to figure out whether purchasing this unit gets me a rechargeable headlamp...or if I need to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger. At that point, most things in my house become rechargeable.


I'm curious myself...I have the same light but in a rechargeable set up that came with a battery, but it was 50 bucks...this is quite a bit cheaper, and a little bit brighter too.


This comes with a connector for a charger, but does not include the adapter. They also sell the adapter for wall or car charging.

They also have a good deal on some batteries. Beware of the Ultrafire.

Also, these come on a slow boat from China.


I bought once from Meritline in the past... they pretty much just sell crappy quality merch... trying to get through to support staff is next to impossible, too!