dealsthe magical floating bookshelf for $9.99 + free…


This is actually quite easy as a DIY, given that you have the proper tools and are a bit handy. But considering this price you may break even making one yourself.


These are very easy to install, look great, and people comment on them.

I suggest the following book for added effect


great but do I really want books floating on my wall??


@finzup: Maybe not, but I do. We've been looking for bookshelves at a decent price for years and can't find anything we like or that will fit into the space we have. These should double as book storage and wall décor. Pretty cool idea!


In for one. I have a small night stand and have a stack of books plus an iHome speaker. It's gotten rather clunky to have both, so I think this will help free up some space.


Looks like each one is about $3 in parts at Lowes or Home Depot. The official kit would get expensive fast if you actually wanted to store a decent amount of books.


@flaringafro: do you have more specific info on the parts at home Depot? I looked and didn't find anything similar


If you missed this sale, the same company is now offering them at the same price on one of their sister sites. Check it out here.