deals100 8" premium glow stick bracelets for $9.99…


While the deal itself sounds good, I'm not sure how good it actually is. I bought their glow sticks last year and a bunch of them broke. I used their hoop earring connector and suddenly I had green glowing liquid all over my shoulder and in my hair. I went through countless bracelets. If you don't bend them, you're fine, though I did have a couple crack on me just from me breaking the glass inside trying to activate them. The glow doesn't last very long, either. I activated the earrings at home and by the time we got to our destination 20 minutes away there was already a largely distinct difference between those and fresh ones.
I'd use caution if giving these to young children.


I've used glowgranny several times before (working at electronic music concerts), and have always been satisfied with what I got. The glow was brighter than another friend's store-bought glowsticks, and as for the sticks breaking and leaking, I've seen maybe ONE out of three hundred in a batch break or leak. Granny's my go-to gal.