dealsscreaming flying granny for $5.19


Sure that's not "WOOT!-Whee" she's hollerin'?


@lavikinga: Wouldn't this be hilarious to get in a BOC instead of a monkey?! What a letdown!!


Go Granny..Go Granny..Get your Fly on. Nice find!


When you no longer get your kicks from screaming monkeys, get a screaming granny!


i'm almost tempted to get one, i had a couple monkeys and my dog went ape-** for them. he tore out the voiceboxes, and continued to mutilate their corpses! sick bastard


So after I saw the Granny, I had to check about other "flying screaming" things that there were out there. One result made me chuckle. It came from Atomic Mall, which has the Flying Screaming Cow. Now, it's not disturbing that there is a flying screaming cow, but that this same cow is considered a kids toy (see this link: as well as a dog toy (see this link:

They didn't even bother taking two different pictures.

Quotes from the links:
"Great entertainment for kids!"
"Great entertainment with your dog!"
"They will keep the kids busy for hours."
"They will keep you busy for hours. Great for dogie exercise" (dogie???)
"Fling them and watch your dog go CRAZY!!!"

So which is it? You decide.


What the hell,bought two,and will add them to my 25 monkeys.My wife will think iam crazy,and she's right,but iam to old to care.


@oo7slice: Just didn't think the flying cow was quite as unique. After all, there have been nursery rhymes lauding flying (jumping) cows, but a flying granny? Not so much.


@joyohjoy: Your picture?! Hey! You're my doppelganger!!


@007slice you would think they would have had a screaming duck, that way you could train your dogs to retrieve.