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We're the people behind this deal. We're gonna Eminem ourselves a la 8 Mile

- When you check coverage, make sure to zoom in. If the coverage is "Service Partner" then you're not covered. We'd love to cover the whole country instead of most of it but we unfortunately don't

- On the $40 plan, the 1st 250 MB are high-speed. On the $50, it's the 1st 2 GB. Speed drops to 128kbps after that

- High-speed could go up to 14 to 15 Mbps in good conditions (phone supports the speeds, you're stationary, you haven't left the country, you're not the can-you-hear-me-now Verizon guy, etc...)

- We have another plan that's very popular called Real Paygo. It's not part of this deal. However, we're on woot deals often, so the next one will most likely have something for paygo lovers (sounds like a pizza hut pie!)

- Unlimited means: talk, text, gloabl text, mms, 411, & data (with restrictions above)

- What you're saving: $5 (SIM) + $20 phone-value/discount + $7 est. shipping = $32 (pretty good deal)


@platinumtel: Good to know.
To everyone else coverage map. 2G Voice Tab. Use the + and - keys and you can drag the map.


Looks like VERY limited coverage. Not that great of a price either. No Way


At the time of writing this message this deal has 51 upvotes. Just goes to show all the bozos nagging about always down-voting the hell out of one of the deals just because. The community knows what's up.


That Nokia pictured looks like a $5 phone. Not a great deal. Deals are out there and can be had for lower than $40 a month.


@nyjfootball: we have searched the globe for the elusive $5 phone. If you can you find it or make it, we will hire you yesterday :)


@platinumtel: Hey there! I currently have an older phone and do the top-up prepay thing. Will I be able to transfer that number to this new phone if I buy this? When will my $40 month begin?

And is it correct that this is basically the T-mobile network now?


@jlzstum: Yes, you simply need to contact our customer service and ask them to port your number over to the new phone. Your $40 month begins at the point the new account is created.

On the coverage, you are correct. We advise that you check the coverage map for your exact areas of interest, and zoom in to make sure all is good.


@platinumtel: referring to the @nyjfootball: comment
we have searched the globe for the elusive $5 phone. If you can you find it or make it, we will hire you yesterday :)

The reading is top quality.


@platinumtel: One more question about coverage...
I'm specifically looking at zip code 42166. When I type that in on your Phone page in the "First Check Your Coverage" box, it says - Congratulations! Coverage is available for 42166.
However, when I look at the coverage map and type in 42166, it shows with yellow diagonal lines that I guess represent "Service Partner" - at the bottom of the map it says Service Partners are not included.
So - which is it? Do I go by the Phone page results or the Map results?


@jlzstum: they're both technically correct, but you should not buy the service. There's coverage in the zip code and surrounding area (though 2G), but not covering the zip code. The coverage indicator that said congratulations looks at data that gives indication of x percent coverage in a specific locality as far as area and population. The threshold was met there. Not to say it cannot be made better. It needs to be and will


I got Free SIM card from

But now if I will get these nokia phone + SIM then what will be the use of that SIM card??