dealsdoctor who tardis 4-port usb hub for $27.98


I tattled to get you a better picture, not to remove. I like the Who & Dr. Who.


Would you believe that it wouldn't load a pic of the Tardis? I agree it needs a better pic.


Its not much less expensive than it is on amazon or think geek. Though maybe this means it will be offered in target stores. I hope I hope.


I would buy this for five bucks.


@virtualathlete: i doubt it, as this is listed in the "Electronics Clearance" Section

also, is "powered by amazon"
Went Most of the way through the order, and no shipping charges showed up, so I am guessing it's free

on regular it's $30.28, and qualifies for super-saver shipping (Free)
so if you absolutely must have one, the option will save you $2.30 over amazon.

over @ think geek, it's $29.99+ $5.49(economy, the cheapest shipping)so it comes to a total of $35.48 plus tax, or $7.50 more than (and it only earns you 275 geek points)


I received one of these from last birthday. It was quite simply... junk. The only thing worse was the customer 'service' I (did not) receive from ThinkGeek. I reported to them the problems I had had with the unit and I got the equivalent of the mechanics shrug. The (not so) helpful woman I chatted with simply told me that there was nothing they could or would do. It is in the trash now, as is my relationship with
My advice - avoid both.


Does this make your flash drives bigger on the inside?