dealstatung tict-1500w induction cook top for $49.99…


Not to promote infomercials, but there's an induction cooktop that looks similar to this, comes with a bunch of cookware, and is only $99.99! But WAIT- you actually get TWO sets for that price, (just pay separate processing and handling.)


@tcayer: That 2 for 1 deal you are talking about ends up costing $160 or more after their "S&P" and alot of people complain that they did not get their free bonuses.


A huge tip!!! If you ever want to buy any of that infomercial stuff, google "As Seen On TV" and go to the website. They have the same stuff, without the outrageous "S&P".


Got one of these last time they were posted. Works well, but don't buy it if you're looking for something that cooks fast. It does a good job, but it's no faster than a gas burner. If course, it does mean you can cook anywhere there's an outlet!


I have one of these Tatung units. Great for parties and buffets, since the bottom stays cold and you can control the temperature. Boils water several minutes faster than my electric eye.

I use it at least once or twice a week.

The only downside I can think of is that you can't use all cookware with induction cookers. Not a problem, really, just make sure you know this going before deciding to purchase. Overall, I like the cool base of the induction unit so much, that it's worth not being able to use every piece of cookware on it. Plus, mine came with a pot.

"To tell if a pot or pan is induction-compatible, hold a magnet to the bottom. If it clings, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop. Also, many manufacturers have started putting a n "induction compatible" symbol on the bottom of their cookware or they'll note compatibility on their packaging (a horizontal zig-zag or a coil)."


Bought the same unit about six months ago. I did some testing of speed relative to a large gas burner boiling four cups of water in identical pots. This was roughly twice as fast as the gas burner, both set for maximum heat. It is faster.

The little pot that comes with it is actually rather poor for induction compared to others I've used. The Fagor pressure cookers that sometimes show up on woot work brilliantly on this device. It has sufficient control over temperature to get the contents to pressure, then dialed back for even cooking.

The unit emits an odd high pitched noise when at maximum power. It doesn't annoy me, but I know it bothered my wife and a couple of friends. Also, while the unit remains cool absent an inductive pan, the surface will retain a great deal of heat from whatever you cooked on it. Even still, it cools down quickly enough. The size of the device is not terribly large, and it really does allow for easy expansion of cooking area in a kitchen.


Works good for fondue also. Pretty solid unit, the fan makes a bit of noise, but it's not very loud at all.


I bought this same unit from the Egg about two years ago. I gave it away this past Christmas as a white elephant gift. My stove top was less than 10 seconds slower when boiling a quart of water. Perhaps a higher quality pot would have made a difference but that would have added to the expense and I already like my Caphalon cookware that is already paid for. The high pitched noise was unexpected and made me nervous to give it away. I'm glad to hear that is normal.