deals$25 for four blu-ray discs (up to $75.80 value…


Meh movies except yes man.
Very chick-flick oriented.


Here is the list of 12 -

Too bad my mom is into action flicks :(


True, but I'm a chick ;-) (I still would have chosen different ones, tho)
Here's a list of the movies:
17 Again
Another Cinderella Story
He's Just Not That Into You
License to Wed
Nights in Rodanthe
No Reservations
P.S I Love You
Rumor Has It
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
The Women
Valentine's Day
Yes Man


I typically get BDs for $5 each...good titles like; Avatar, LotR, Pixars, Disneys, etc.

I wouldn't pay 25 cents for all 12 of these movies, let alone $25. :(


Dudes need not apply for this deal lol .. not a manly movie in the bunch .. Yes man is by far the best of the bunch


Yes Man, is the only movie there that I think all guys could like.

Thought No Reservations, PS I Love You are alright as well.


@spyder69696969 Where do you get them? and why haven't you posted them?


Yeah, I'm not buying the $5.00 Blu-Ray's for new, first rate AAA titles. Unless they are copies or bootlegs.


@cavechick: Locally. Brand new; no bootlegs, no copies.


I've never used Groupon. I live in a rural area and didn't think I could use it for anything near me. I see I could use it for online deals. That's nice. If I buy this deal within 72 hours of going to the website will you earn $10 for referring me? Is your referral code embedded in the link to this deal? Does the website instruct how to do this? This is really cool!


License to Wed was alright, but yeah, Yes Man was the only keeper in the deal. It's also dead now...


You know that when Yes Man is the best movie in the bunch that you're dealing with a real quality group.


@spyder69696969: Local? That's still to long as you're sharing spill your guts becuase $5/BR isn't exactly common for the titles you mentioned. Put up!


@cindihoward Yes, if you use the link to sign up, I will get credit :) They don't give instructions on how to post on a page like this, so I actually post it to facebook and then copy the link to here :)
I love that I can find online deals through Groupon, LivingSocial, etc... Most of the "local" deals for me are still 15-20 min away because I live in the suburbs, and I don't always want to have to drive somewhere! I am planning to start a blog soon to post a lot of these kinds of deals so that others can share in the fun :)
If you'd like to try LivingSocial, or any of the other sites, let me know and I will post links from them :) Thanks!