dealsd-link dwa-130 wireless-n 802.11n usb adapter for…


I bought this from another site(cost the same mine was free shipping). I mainly use it for wifi on an old desktop. But sometimes I hook it into my (5+ yr old)laptop to piggyback on the neighbors wifi. Works better than the built-in card which doesn't even pickup their signal. Great for older desktops without built in wifi.


Does anyone know if there is a Mac driver for this one? We have a mac mini that would love to be on our network.


I would think twice about buying refurbished stuff from gearxs. I've bought a refurbished Apple Keyboard from them and the corner was dented, I sent it back and the replacement was also dented. Buy at your own risk!


Got one of these new, it work fine with static WEP encryption, but have problems with those network that require you to login with username and password (ie university networks)...


@lucydog: Uhh, it is incredibly dependent on which DWA-130 you get. There's multiple revisions (viewable at and so on) and it looks like it's had just about every chipset manufacturer's parts in it at one time or another.

I don't know why hardware companies do this -- the truth is, there's only a few reference designs and everyone slaps their own brand on them anyway; they could at least have the courtesy to use a different model number for each design. Oh well.

For a Mac, you'll probably want something with a Broadcom or Atheros chipset, but the best bet is to find something that specifically mentions support for Macs that isn't Ralink (because Ralink's software and drivers were terrible last I used them).