dealsgrand theft auto v - best buy for $33.99 + freeā€¦


Already price-matched at Amazon. :)


I played about 30 minutes of this game before I couldn't take the language and use of the n word any more. I played the previous versions, they didnt seem this bad.


It's showing up as $33.99 on the page, but is coming up $59.99 once it's in the cart (it was showing up as $33 until I hit the checkout page and paused to punch in my CC number). Anyone else seeing this issue?
Edit: Back up to $59.99 on Best Buy site, here's the Amazon link:


Could be over already. Got my order in as a store pickup. Hopefully they honor it.


Just talked to Best Buy's phone support line (called when their page said one thing and my cart said another). It sounds like the deal should be back online in an hour or so!


@luke975: vote me down all you foul mouthed little brats.


EXPIRED!!!!! I got my copy!