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If nothing else, it's a neat way to pod race.


Who wants to pod race when you can be a Rancor and snack on people. It like a the Hulk with the Munchies.


This is less than half of the list price when it came out, but it still may be overpriced for what you get. The games themselves were not that interesting, and the Kinect controls just didn't work as promised. Gets a 55 at Metacritic.


@wilfbrim: Hubby and I rented this one before buying and were super glad we did. I agree with the boring game and the crappy kinect controls. I'd consider buying this for maybe $5-$10 to have around for when our cousins come over...maybe.


The WOW factor is high for older gamers who used to dream of games like this that mimic your body moves. But the kids got bored quick and I'm not interested in running amok on tiny towns.

Bring on the Kinex pron!