dealsstraight pride' t-shirt for $15.95


Yeah, this goes with the 'White Pride' shirts, 'cause like the whites, the straights have been discriminated against for too long.


This has nothing to do with who is discriminated against but has to do with being accepting of diversity. I am straight, I am glad I am straight, I want to make sure people that are glad to be straight have a voice as well. Also making this an issue that is analogues to the white black debate is silly, how many African Americans do you know that are no longer African American?


@dziendobry: What a load. Why don't you just come out and say what you really feel.


@dziendobry: Whatever helps you sleep at night.


And why can't someone be proud of being straight if others can be proud of being gay? Who's being intolerant now? One doesn't diminish the other.


@darfurnub: What is offensive? If one person's sexuality is a valid source of pride, then it is a valid source of pride for everyone, regardless of what their orientation. I personally think it's kind of stupid to make your sexual orientation a source of pride. It's not a source of shame either. It's like pride based on natural hair color. So what?


LOL finally someone got the picture right!


It's a joke. Many of the gay community try to be flashy about their sexual orientation, but many straight people do not care to be told that the stranger is gay. This shirt is just playing with that idea, I care about you being gay just as much as you care that i am straight.


Yeah.. considering this shirt comes from a christian based webstore.. we'll not call this discriminatory at all, I'm ashamed of you woot.


@magoo42: The shirt is mocking Gay Pride and it implies that heterosexuals are superior.
A shirt saying "I'm straight" or "I love being straight" or "Proud to be straight!" would be fine by me.


At first I thought it was signs near 2 bathroom doors, or a unisex bathroom sign.


when i saw this actually got made me sad that this community would even entertain such an idea. small minds. shame.


@dziendobry: please to explain exactly when people who are straight haven't had a voice.

it's quaint when those in power play the victim and claim minority status.

see also: Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night mocking Faux News.

also, the assumption in our society is that you are heterosexual, thus the redundancy in this shirt and why it is seen by many as a mockery of the gay rights movement. and that is why gays sometimes proclaim their identity despite the threat of physical violence against them, another thing that heterosexuals enjoy the privilege of not having to worry about.


@darfurnub: It doesn't imply that anything is superior. It is just a joke of sorts that if homosexuals can be so proud of their orientation and pronounce it boldly, why should heterosexuals not also be able to be just as proud and bold of their orientation?

Your implications that this shirt is offensive because it implies superiority only reflects your own predisposition to expect such things.


@cruiz7197: I agree. I find this entire conversation to be gay.


Being proud of being straight is like being proud of being right handed.


also pride is one of the deadly 7. just saying


@sukairain: It's not a joke, the person who made the shirt owns a christian webstore. This shirt was not made to be a joke, it was made to promote a heterosexual lifestyle.

This shirt is politically incorrect.


and this isn't even a deal. $12.95 is the standard price on zazzle for their value t-shirt. there's no sale, no discount code, no nothing.

(also, the designer included in the tags used to find the shirt in searches, "offensive", so there's your tell.)


dumb shirt and an even dumber person who made it.


Why is it a dumb shirt and/or a dumb person? How is one view better than the other? Why can not both sides of the street have pride in their beliefs? Where do I get a great tasting orange marmalade?


The person who posted this deal is straight and all of you defending it are straight.

I would LOVE to see a fellow LGBT woot member give detailed reasoning as to why this shirt is acceptable. I'm open to being convinced.


talk all you want about how straight people should have the opportunity to be proud as well, but the reason gay people feel the need to announce that they're proud is because they've been SUBJUGATED ethically. Straight people haven't been subjugated or discriminated against; they have nothing to react against.

(except the move towards equality for homosexuals, for those straight people who are socially conservative aka socially Biblical)


This shirt exists solely to tell the world that you are not okay with homosexuality. This is a negative shirt.

A gay pride shirt exists to push back against homophobia, and help bring their lifestyle a bit more credibility among the public. It is a positive shirt.


No one makes you feel bad for being straight. No real discrimination. Those who are the vocal majority rarely, if ever, do. This shirt is in poor taste and just makes you look like an ass.


@unaligned what you said is spot on. The shirts with gay, black, latino, girl, etc. pride exist to bring those thoughts into the mainstream. Even if someone isn't outwardly against any of those people, there is an underlying feeling of discomfort and crude humor that often arise when discussing these topics.


Ok, so for the moron's who don't understand the history of "Pride" in the country: It is not about everyone being proud of anything, it's about NOT BEING ASHAMED. There seriously need to be a national IQ test and these idiots have to post their score.


@hoosiercub: how is woot to blame? you're the one posting as an alias.


btw, all of you who are posting against this shirt are pushing it and its poster into 'popular' status, thus, giving it more legitimacy. that you are sad that this is getting voted up is a simple reflection of a society you know to be hetero-biased.

that love has fallen completely and being offended is more important is what is sad. those in the GLBT community, stop ranting here and post a question, but don't up this deal post.


I couldn't care less if you are gay or straight. This shirt is as pointless as gay pride is. People only wear this stuff to push their own agendas and insecurities onto others. Get real.


Wow, really? It is a fricking shirt for crying out loud. And to tell you the truth, I am about as excited about seeing someones favorite sexual orientation splattered all over their shirt as I am to get a nice, sharp stick in the eye.

I don't care if you are straight, gay, Christian, Muslim, Puerto Rican, Irish, Mexican, Vampire, or Martian. Just wear something I don't have to answer questions about with my kids.


@damitjim2: Why is a persons sexual fetish a source of pride? So you like sleeping with other men (or women, as applicable), big deal. I like tying women up and peeing on them, but you don't see me advertising it at every opportunity.


I find it funny that some use the word "homophobic" or "homophobia" when most of those against homosexuality are not afraid of homosexuals.

@nahsil: So all homosexuals have be subjugated against? Not true. What about all those heterosexuals subjugated against for being heterosexual? Maybe not as many as the homosexuals but there are some at there.

So everyone continue to say what you want, you have the First Amendment to thank for that. The First also let's us wear shirts like this. So far this is my favorite shirt:


Thing is, the artwork on the shirt looks like toilet signs. So, you like toilets...


This is a hard one to read.

The maintainer of this zazzle store (Moe Wampum) doesn't appear to have a clearly defined political agenda - many of his designs are pro-gay.

On the other hand, this shirt's description says "Christian". Another "Christian" "straight pride" shirt from another seller on zazzle is clearly homophobic, as are the majority of the "you may also like" recommendations.

What's most amusing is the hypocrisy of the homophobic movement, as controlled studies have shown a high correlation between homophobia and subconscious same-sex attraction in males.


@internettraditions: "please to explain exactly when people who are straight haven't had a voice."

My example


@narquespamley: "On the other hand, this shirt's description says "Christian". Another "Christian" "straight pride" shirt from another seller on zazzle is clearly homophobic"
You are quick to name call aren't you?
   [hoh-muh-foh-bee-uh] –noun
unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.
Does that fit?


@darfurnub: If this shirt implies the superiority of straight people, then the Gay Pride flag is implying that gays are superior. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. You can't have it both ways. You can't say one group has the right to be proud and another doesn't. As I said earlier, who's being intolerant now? Is this a case of everyone is allowed their opinion so long as it doesn't disagree with mine? Gay Pride is freedom of speech, but Straight Pride is censored because you wrongly believe it's "being mean"?


I don't have a problem with this version of the shirt really. Some of the others listed on the site are a bit tasteless. Honestly if someone wants to take a jab at something it shouldn't matter. I don't really see it as hateful so much a satire of other shirts that are easily and readily available. Now if it was one of the ones there that said something like anti gay warrior (which there is one that does) then I could see it being extremely offensive. As it stands its a satirical shirt, that is the opposite of what is usually advertised (and even on the site this links too if you look enough) Honestly I don't see a problem with this version of the shirt.


@dziendobry: oh look, you found a youtube clip! good for you. would you like a cookie to go with that?

"little old lady outside a courthouse" does not equate "people who are straight." an isolated incident does not equate systematic discrimination. and when that little old lady went home, she had all the rights afforded to her by the government as a heterosexual that are not afforded to gays and lesbians.

and again, this shirt's tags also include "offensive." the intent is clear.



I hate being "subjugated against" too. lol, you go davgirl!


@internettraditions: "oh look, you found a youtube clip! good for you. would you like a cookie to go with that?"
You asked me to provide you with evidence, I did.

"to her by the government as a heterosexual that are not afforded to gays and lesbians."

Could you please point out some of those rights that are not being afforded to the LGBT community?
Military? They can join.
Marriage? They can marry anyone of the opposite sex that they want, just like everyone else in the country.
Schools? Most schools are now adopting a more "diverse" curriculum.
Public Health Care? got it.
Libraries? no problem
Public Transit? Yup
Freedom of speech? Just look at the comments in here.


@narquespamley: maybe, just maybe, is in the business of selling shirts and will resort to whatever is readily available (be it pride or prejudice) to make a buck or $12.95, as it were.


@internettraditions: it's also tagged: "stupid, ganja, weed, marijuana, liberal, conservative, politics, political, born, again, edge, not"

BTW, this has turned fun :)


Politics aside, this is just a poorly designed shirt. It looks like a sign denoting a unisex bathroom. Also, at $12.95 for a one color print on a white shirt, it isn't exactly much of a "deal."