dealsproduct: pyrex® storage 14-pc. container set…


Excellent now we will have room for our left overs!


$7.95 shipping kills it for me :(


A similar 14 piece set of Pyrex glassware is $12.95 with free s/h. There are 3 major differences:

- The lids on the other set are all blue
- The other $12.95 set has 4 x 2 cup containers and no 1 cup containers. All other containers are the same.
- The $12.95 set has free s/h. This $9.95 set only has free s/h if you spend more than $99. For my zip (NYC), s/h is $7.95. And you need a rebate with this set.


Couldn't get the 2011SELECTGUEST to work for free shipping.


through today (11-26) you can get the 16 piece set for $16 at Target. I realize maybe not as great a deal but you can just drive over and get one without dealing with a mail in rebate which I am usually far too lazy to do.