dealsleakfrog water leak alarm (2 pack) for $19.99


I have one under every sink after I got a leak in the kitchen. These things are loud and let you know when something is wrong and they stay tucked away and don't interfere. LOVE my LeakFrogz!


Buy these if you don't already have them! I bought these off of Woot many years ago when they were first offered. For me, they have already paid for themselves. I lost power in my house in the middle of the night. Needless to say the sump pump in my basement went out too. Two floors up, I could hear them.I had two of the Leakfrogs in tandem. Got my back up generator out in time to hook up my sump pump, and save my Man-Cave. Three days later, I had neighbors throwing out carpet,drywall,furniture. You get the point. It's like insurance - nobody wants to pay for it, but you want it after it's too late.


i swear copies from, or is it the other way around?
usually when i see an item on woot, i'll see it days later for a similar price on

Buy, you stay away from the leak frogs, those are strictly WOOT!


These are great, got some from woot many years ago. I use mine for the A/C drain. It will get backed up every once in a while so this lets me know when it does before there is a mess.


Literally saw "kids" category and thought this had something to do with bedwetting alarms. Fun times.