dealsdoctor who tardis laplander, blue, one size hat…


This is not for your standard nerd, this is for your uber never been out of your parents basement nerd.


Our site has 'Hiccup'ed due to the number of wooters that are apparently Dr Who fans! We'll be back up momentarily.


can get this at Amazon too....


Back up!!! And stronger than ever. Thanks for your patience.


That's a mighty small picture on their website... I can't even figure out what it really looks like.

On Amazon too (but for $23.99, FSSS):


$23 for a hat? Even if it is Dr. Who. Community deals are supposed to be just that, sourced from the community. I have a problem if this turns into a self promotional tool, because IMO that is not what Woot is about...


@kiltedbear: Retailers are community members.


Not a deal. Will it work with my mac? The shipping kills it. I just bought one yesterday for twice the price. etc.


So is the head inside the hat bigger than the external dimensions of the hat?


@joelp77440: Jokes on you. My parents don't have a basement.


@jumbowoot: The problem is that, guess what...I just got this auto-sent to my email box. I thought Woot was about those hard to resist deals that can be hard to find. I did not realize that Woot had a second side, which is a self promotional advertisement tool. This is not what I signed up for.

1. This is not a deal as somebody else pointed out, and 2. this is self promotion. I LEFT other sites that allowed this kind of thing. I beg Woot to please think about curbing or at least having strict requirements in order to use the self promotion feature. I feel that if you are a member using woot to advertise to fellow members, 20% off or your retail price at the very least is fair.


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All told.