dealst-28b trojan warbird ride for $550.00


I got the chance to fly one about 18 years ago, and it was a real kick in the pants. At the time I owned a Mooney M20F and the kick in the seat on take off didn't compare whatsoever. 800hp vs. 200hp makes a big difference.

This is a good Christmas present for aviation enthusiast.


The AT-6 is much cheaper, so you don't have to drop so much $ to take a ride in a cool plane.


So everyone knows, this is located:

4572 Claire Chennault
Addison, TX 75001 [Map]

(North of Downtown Dallas)


Near Phoenix, Az we have out of Mesa's Falcon Field. Rates are $275 for T6 SNJ Warbird, $425-$500 for B-25 & $425-$600 for the B-17G (minimum 5 people).

I wish everyone could do this at least once!


@skrutinizr: the at-6 is a completely different plane and feel...reason number 2 why it is more expensive.


I've been up in a B-24 and B-25. The B-17 is next!


Took a ride in a T-28 with a Navy pilot some years back. What a hoot!!! Loops and rolls and everything else. Finally had to give up on the fun after I unloaded for the third time in the airsick bag. :o)
Highly recommended!


Taking a ride in a T-6 is more like flying around in a high performance general aviation plane like a Beech Bonanza, Cessna 210. The only benefit it has is the tandem seating and open cockpit view and is REAL LOUD. Save up your money and take a ride that will give you a kick in the pants.

For you folks in Southern California, check out Planes of Fame in Chino. They offer rides as well, although I do not know their pricing.

Commercial/Insturment - SEL MEL
1200 hours.


I too had a ride in a T_28 in 1975 with a Navy fighter pilot- what a rush- he put on quite a show at Hilo International when we took off after having a break in the terminal. Commander Foster- super guy, super pilot- I still salute you!!


I rode in a B-24 with the Collins Foundation out of Dallad one year...Amazing to be in a living piece of history!


This looks like soooo much fun.. Wish I had a bunch of money to take me and pops up !


@jbarrios: I traded some banner towing with the Colling Foundation one year, they gave me a ride in the B-24 from Marathon Key to Naples, FL and 30 minutes in the left seat of the B-17. Now that was a blast. Before I took the controls we had on board a B-17 pilot from WWII. They gave him the controls. First time he had flown a plane since the war. The gentleman perked up like he was 19 again and flew the plane like he last mission was yesterday.

I will never forget it.

P.S. I have no idea how they would fly 1,000 bomber missions in close formation to Germany and back in those 17's. I would give an input to the yoke and the 17 would take 15 to 30 seconds to say, "Oh, you want me to turn" and do so. Like driving a truck. The amount of conectration required to keep formation in that plane with the lack of input response must have been tremendous for those boys, not to mention doing it with fighters and flack trying to shoot you down.