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@wolfpiper: haha, I was wondering the same thing!


On these discs, Greedo will shoot first.

If they do put them out in 3D then they may actually convert the originals. At $90, I'm happy sticking to my VHS and just checking out the DVDs from time to time from the library. Huge fan, but I'm avoiding these just like I did the DVDs.

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Nobody knows if this will be the original or special edition. But it's NINE discs of Blu-Ray, they'll have room to include BOTH.


$90 for 3 movies? Pass... And yes I read the listing


@mexcactus: It's $90 for all 6 movies I-VI (1-6). As I read when these release in September it'll be $140 for this set, and additionally you can buy just Ep I-III or just IV-VI for $70. Seeing that it'll cost me $20 more, and I'm likely to not get the bonus content if I don't buy all 6, you're easily better off buying it at $90, even if Ep I-III were trash.


Release date is Sept. (20)11. Oh dear god


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almost jumped all over this been waiting for awhile. Until I realized I'd STILL be waiting nearly a year. Sept?? Get outta here.


I've already bought the original trilogy too many times (VHS, LD, THX LD, DVD), so I'm in no hurry to give Lucas my money again unless I know it's for the versions I want.

I'm going to wait until the set is in the hands of a trusted review site and I'm told exactly what is in the box (specifically, if unaltered versions of the original theatrical releases are included, and if they are are they cleaned up or still sub-standard quality 'bonus features') . Until then, I'm considering this pre-order to be a big $90 woot-style 'bag of crap' deal. :)


@certelt: I'm pretty sure mexcactus meant that there are only really three Star Wars movies; just like there's only ever been one Matrix movie.


@jpmeyer: Preorder now and you lock in the $89 price. If it goes up between now and then, you get the lowest price.

They don't charge till it ships so you can always cancel if you change your mind. Definitely worth preordering now though if you have any interest in it.


I'm sorry to share the bad news, but Lucas said at Celebration this past year that the Blu-ray versions will not contain the original cuts.




It makes sense if you think about it. I watched the DVD, and the PQ of the untouched originals were terrible. They would have to remaster the originals in addition to the newer versions. It would cost more plus Lucas wants to rewrite the story the way he wants it to be.

Honestly, the only thing that really bothers me is the remixes is seeing young Anakin at the end as a ghost. It doesn't make sense to have him young and everyone else old. Especially if Luke is viewing him and he only know him at his death.


Not only will this not include the originals, they will likely be modified even more. Lucas said, in so many words, that he's just never actually considered himself finished with them yet.
Unfortunatly, I don't think we'll ever see the original in HD.


Pre Ordered mine as soon as I saw the link on Gizmodo.
So glad I have never bought a Star Wars movie/set. This is the way to own the series.
Yes, I know there will be a 3D version eventually. Seriously thought. transferring a movie made in the 70's/80's to 3D isn't going to look that good.


I am perfectly happy with the original, unmolested theatrical release on the DVDs that were featured here:

I find it strange that the original theatrical release was included as part of the bonus material on the second disk in each set, but meh.

I have no desire to see the prequels ever again, so that DVD set was best for me, and a Blu-Ray of the original theatrical releases is format overkill.

I am not sure why some folks even want a cleaned up remastered version of these original films. Give it to me just like I would expect movies made from '77 - '84 to look like. Anything else is almost as bad as the molested versions.


Star Wars is FINALLY coming to Blu-Ray?!?!!! Disney & Lucas were the last HD hold-outs when HD-DVD was still a contender, but Disney made the right decision a long time ago. Can't believe it's finally coming!!!

@rtalian: I agree about the ending of VI, but Greedo getting off a shot and Luke screaming NOoooooooo as he falls in V are just BS.

When Lucas re-released these in the theaters they were remastered & digitized... there is no reason they can't release these in HD w/o having to be Special Edition. But knowing Lucas =(

Dear George, Don't be so proud of this technological terror you've constructed.


Can't wait to see the CGI Yoda in Phantom Menace and the deleted scenes from the Original Trilogy.

There's no downside to putting in a pre-order with Amazon this early. They don't charge you until the item ships. They have a price guarantee, so if the price drops below $89.99 before the release date, your pre-order automatically changes to the lower price.

When the release date gets closer, and if you see a better deal (or they announce a bonus-with-purchase item) at Target or Best Buy or elsewhere, you can just cancel the Amazon order as long as you do so prior to the shipping date.


@peterflynn: I believe Luke shouting "NOOOOO!" in Empire was taken back out when the DVDs were released. Not 100% sure though.


The DVD box set of all 6 movies were over $100 when they first came out. Dunno why people are complaining about $89 price tag.


I'll just watch the DVD's on my upconverting disc player of choice & be more than happy. I don't expect BD to add anything we haven't seen or heard of by now.


why order this now? If I have to wait to Sept. I'd rather wait for feedback on what it comes with and hope that next black friday (which will just be two more months after release) will see it on sale for a similar price.


dostone: I know Laser Disk had some sweet clarity, etc. But..... bought Laser Disk! Hope you saved it, Antique Roadshow will pay to dollar since you have one of the last 500 in existence!