dealsclarisonic mia 2 skin cleansing system for $99.99…


My wife owns this and loves it. It's waterproof and the charge lasts a long time. The charger is an induction charger that uses magnets to hold it in place. It really works well as a facial scrubber and she uses it in the shower a few times a week. You can buy replacement brushes when yours wear out. As long as you keep it clean and dry it off when you are done, the brushes should last for quite a while.


I'm a man, and I actually went in on the professional version of this cleansing system with my girlfriend.

I've always suffered from complicated sensitive acne prone skin, and this has helped enormously.
The cleansing is very thorough. Very, but somehow also still remains gentle. The kind of cleansing you just cannot get with any products using your fingertips or even exfoliators only. The bristle tips agitate around, almost like a shaving bristle brush would and really get at hidden bacteria. Other methods seem to just skim the surface.

For what it's worth, it also helps you shave closer too. I don't quite understand why, but it seems to either lift or soften the hairs. No idea why.

I'm sure that everyone's mileage is going to vary with something like this, but personally, it was a very appreciated purchase and really improved my quality of life.