dealsfranklin sports whirl-ball arcade game for $99.99


Well that's an awful lot of words to say "skeeball."


There's no 100 point cylinders? There's no skill if there are no bonus cylinders.

As a skeeball advocate myself, I condsider this to be a poor excuse for genuine skeeball. An affront to arcades everywhere.


The kids got this from Gramma for christmas last year. I've had to fix it several times as it is pretty much junk.

The plastic rings you shoot at are really thin - a thrown ball went through the plastic. The switches that sense what hole the ball dropped through sit on a piece of thin fiberboard that fell off entirely. The hinges that the game folds out on don't lock in place well, resulting in frequent collapses.

Save the $100 for a trip with the kiddies to the local arcade. You'll be happier in the long run.

Edit: Almost forgot the best part: Gramma paid $100 for this at Target - this is really not a deal at all.