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Major change is on the horizon when it comes to the light sources we use to illuminate our homes and businesses.

In 2012, 100-watt incandescent A-lamps (light bulbs) will no longer be available for retail sale. Then, 75-watt lamps go out of production in 2013.

By 2014, the manufacture of 40- and 60-watt lamps will be completely suspended.

By the way... COMMUNIST China is doing the same thing.

Start stockpiling!!!!


I'd like to know the lumens.


At first I misread and thought this was for a 6-pack. Thank goodness I noticed it was for one and looked it up elsewhere

Less than $5 includes shipping


You get what you pay for with LED's, the driver and the color rendition and consistency from one to the next vary greatly depending on quality control. I'm an electrician and have spent many days selecting LED MR16 lighting for a gift shop and the best I've found are the Ecosmart MR16's at Home Depot. And they are $15+ I think. I wouldn't order anything else, cuz I already have and they are crap.


@mcullers: That is not the same product. From the photograph you can see that the level of craftmanship is not the same, nor is the specifications. LED driver circuits differ greatly, and there is enough heat output (although significantly lower than incandescent) to require a proper set of heatsinks designed into the body.

Also, the link you provided does not have the GU10 base at all, it is out of stock.

CHEAP ALONE DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING, it's about value-for-money; so please compare apple-to-apple.


If this is only 280 lumens, then it is merely a nightlight, and a waste of money.


I found a better one, 6watt, 3pcs LED, 180-210LM/LED, but $15.30, a little expensive, but brighter one