dealsnerf dart tag swarmfire: toys & games for $18.67


Now this would be a fun one to mod, yeah? @inkycatz


this is $19.99 in brick and mortar stores. Nerf guns are marked up crazy high on Amazon


@patrick813: which B&M? I hit up Target/Wal-Mart/Toys R Us weekly to find the best deals on Nerf as I run most of the local Nerf Wars. This is cheaper than any of the above mentioned in my area.

Toys R Us: $39.99
Target: $31.99
Sears/Kmart: $29.99
Wal-Mart: NA

So unless you stumbled on a clearance rack that your local store manager decided to clearance them off at $19.99 like you said.. realize that this is still a better deal at $18.67 =/


@wilcononomous: ROFL I like his videos.. only because they are absolute train wrecks

and it looks like the $7.77 Prime shipping whistler darts have sold out.. So for non-prime, will have to use fillers to get over $25


@devexityspace: exactly. The first couple I watched were so awkward I couldn't stop watching.


Target in my area has almost all the Nerf guns on clearance at more than half off, i got this same one last week for just under $8.00, don't know if they are the same in other area or not, but might be worth checking out