dealsthe home depot - save $10 off purchase of $100+


I got one of the Home Depot coupons last week for $20 off of a $75 purchase, and when I tried to use it, they wouldn't take it. Their computer said it had already been used. So, beware.


I actually made 9 of those $25-off-$75 purchase coupons and have used 8 of them so far successfully. The key was to change the email address in the URL to generate a unique "code" on each printed coupon. Best deal so far for me because I just bought a new house and have tons of projects.


@rslade1: I used mine tonight with no problems... guess I got lucky! $25 off $75 was a good deal.


@denverbuckeye: the link takes me to the site but i could not find the you have any additional specifics