deals15% off star wars collection


Pottery Barn Kids??

Heck, I'll buy them for myself right now! :)


Should have saved this event for May 4th !!!


I was all ready to "like" this too. Cool vintage Star Wars items from Pottery Barn! But the prices could hardly even be called a sale let alone an "event".


Even with the "sale" price, these prices are ridiculous. No thank you.


Ah. No king size. I'm out.


yeah almost $200 for FULL sets? I'd hate to see the King or Queen size prices!


we have bought a few of these items for our son, and they have proved to be very poor quality. the first lunchbox we bought, the handle frayed and fell apart within a week of first use. they sent us a second one quickly at no charge, but that hasn't held up too great either, though better than the first. we also ordered a matching backpack, and the straps frayed about half way through the school year, and the seams started falling apart as well. as our son was only in 3k, it's not like he was carrying any heavy books around, either. for as expensive as these items are, i would expect MUCH better quality. don't waste your money.


@dmaz: Do it. Too bad they don't have the star wars legos online, or I'd be in for three!


@bnut: 200-Thread count! I would say you get what you pay for, but you're not even getting that much here.


I've been pretty happy with the quality of the Star Wars merchandise I've purchased from them so far. I surprised my husband by having his shipmate re-sheet his berthing with the Empire Strikes Back sheets. =D I also have the blue decorative pillow shams and I picked up the Darth Vader bag, shown above, for a whopping $14.99 in December.

Oh, and these "sale" prices are usually in the stores too and you can combine them with the 10% off that they give military members.

*edit: Oh and the sheets may have a low thread count but they do feel MUCH better then any of the character sheets you can buy at Target or Walmart. My husband and I are extremely picky about feeling/texture of the sheets we put on our own bed and I'd be okay with these... Alas, they don't make them in king!! UGH.