dealssony tablet p w/ dual 5.5" touchscreens (new) for…


I actually bought one of these. It's pretty nice and responsive, and the top and bottom case are interchangeable with different colors. Expensive but still nice. The battery life isn't that good, but again it's running Honeycomb.

I did talk to Sony about the US version and they did say the update for ICS was coming out soon! Which means a couple of months. :P At least it's coming. Also, the new Playstation store isn't that great, but it does have some games. Overall this is a good novelty tablet, as the gap between the screen does kinda get annoying. Still nice and portable though. I haven't used the "4G" so I can't comment on that.


I got one of these last month on woot, only problem I haven't been able to use it yet. I received it really fast 4 days after I ordered it, the problem I'm currently in Los Angeles until this Saturday. If shipped here there is sales tax and that $6 stupid tax so I had it shipped home..its a 3 day drive, but I have something to look forward to when I get there.

I was able to get to a Sony store and use it, for the short time I did, it was great. I currently have a Samsung 5in wifi tablet, so x2 5.5in screens..well is more than x2 as good.


@mikeeyram: So a $6 tax for something thats 180 ish dollars? I'm pretty sure you wasted more in what the gas cost than what you saved.


@pedistrarian: What the gas cost?? I live in MI anyways and I'm going to be back there October 8th.

Why would I have something shipped to CA when it cost more, when I can have when I get back to MI and cost less?


Right now the only thing I'm hung up on is the software.
It's great that it seems to now run Android 4.0, but I usually use Cyanogenmod/AOSP and eschew the stock OS.
Sadly, Sony's put the device on a back-burner and isn't releasing a 4.1 OTA upgrade for it.
Being somewhat of a developer, I can't help but to ask the technical questions.
And I have a lot.

How is the dev community on these? Are there many dual-screen applications available for it? Is there an API for dual-screen access like the Kyocera Echo, or does it take one 1024x960 surface and split it? Can it use only one screen? Does it dual-screen multitask? Does it like portrait mode?

Is root possible? Is the bootloader locked? Are there custom ROMs for it? 4.1?

Also, if the drivers aren't a pain to work with, and the bootloader's unlocked, I might begin work on porting Jellybean 4.1 to it, seeing as it doesn't seem to have been done yet. But maybe I'm just not looking deep enough.


Could this work as a data only phone with Google Voice and other such apps?


Wasn't this just on tech.woot like a week ago? Can we wait a little longer before posting it again?


Oh gosh, not this folding design flaw again.


The DS is pretty huge in Japan iirc, so I think it is a bit extreme to call it a design flaw. At least it's not a slab with rounded corners like every other thing out there.

Also, TN has 9.25% sales tax, so I'm envious of your measly $6.


DS as in the Nintendo DS? As in a product that has plenty of developers who are specifically engineering games to make use of the dual screens? Yea, I agree, that's fine.

How many android developers do you think are taking this thing into consideration?


I'd think Sony has the means to crank out some apps, or work deals with specific app houses. However, they only seem to be playing in the tablet market for fun.


Can't justify wasting any amount of money on this... piss poor design, what was Sony thinking?


this is a very nice tablet...ignore all negative comments. I had this tablet for 1 week and I love it! I can carry it in my pocket and take with me anywhere!! it is also fast and very convenient for checking emails, typing text and playing games... highly recommend for such price!


@sirocyl: The dev community is largely ignoring this thing. The main focus is on the Sony Tablet S, and any "P" dev is secondary.

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I liked the price for a fun little portable, 3g capable, Sony device. I also saw posts and videos about being able to upgrade to a better, newer, more feature rich version of Android. The device is OK for the price and it' is fun a portable but it cannot be upgraded. This is the AT&T model and right now it is one of the few that cannot be upgraded. I wasted hours trying and unless you want to hack it, you're stuck with outdated and clunky Android 3.2.1 (Honeycomb). So unless you're a gadget geek or a Sony fanboy (like me), just wait for the Galaxy Tab to show back up on Woot for the same price.


@sirocyl: This thing is only worth buying if you plan to root it, hack it or have a specific purpose for it. I'm a woot addict and a gadget geek so I liked the price. Anyone with an Android or iOS device could skip it. Please post if you come across any worthwhile mods to this thing.


Did anybody experience trouble getting the Google Play app to install? I got one of these on the previous woot and it prompted me to upgrade the Marketplace to Google Play. However, everytime I try to install Google Play it comes up with an error box asking me whether to force a close. I tried uninstalling the upgrade and trying again, but still same thing and had no luck installing it. Also had trouble with the Playstation Store app but I think I finally got that one to install.


@njsteve: Im having problems with the youtube app as well, it would not run... I also cant reach the update servers due to a connection error.
Im kinda stuck


@njsteve: It was happening to my Sony Tab P too, it was very annoying. I use Wi-Fi only so I do not need the sim card the 3g capability that comes with it and after I removed the sim card (located under the top cover), the Playstore updated without any issues and it did not force close on me again. I hope this helps.


Yeah now that you mention it, I don't think I was able to install youtube either. Yes, I'm using Wi-Fi also, and it sounds strange that removing the SIM card would solve this problem, but I will definitely give it a try.