dealsnew canon eos rebel t3 dslr camera (add 5$ for…


@bingo969: check out what the dude wrote above:

"Seems like a sweet deal to me. The only T3's I could find in this price range were...just the body kit (no lens included)."

Now check out your link again.


@bingo969: Did'ya notice the Amazon listing is only for the body? Yeah...didn't think so. The one here comes with a 18-55mm EF-S autofocus lens. That would easily add another benjamin to your listing.


@audiyoda: Yeah I did notice my link was for the body only actually. Funny how that works huh?
What I DID totally miss was that 1 sale a day was for the body and the kit lens. When I looked at it I thought it was for the body only.

My mistake.


one sale a day often sells refurbs. I bought a kodak underwater camcorder... no mention of refurb on their site. when it came to my house, guess what! refurb. yeup.


This specifically states NEW with a mfg. warranty, ... so thinking this is just a good deal on a new one.