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I purchased a candle and some soy tarts a few months ago. The three paper sacks of tarts arrived torn and looking as if they'd dropped off a shelf. Since they and the candle were all in the same intact box, it was apparent the damage occurred before they were shipped out.

The tarts themselves and the candle were in fine shape, and their scents are lovely, mild and just as described. In fact, I'm going to order more as soon as I finish this comment, since the posted deal is a very good one.

NOTE: I did not notify the company about the damage, since it was all for my own use. I'm sure they'd have replied responsibly had I done so. I'm noting the damage only to give folks a heads-up in case you order some to give as gifts: don't panic if something arrives in less-than-perfect shape.


@magic cave: I am sorry to hear that some of your order arrived in a damaged state. If we had been notified of the issue we would have expressed a replacement and taken care of the insurance claim. We would not have shipped you damaged tarts from the start. Please contact us via email @ and we can replace your tarts.



@illumenature: Thank you for your kind offer, but it's really not necessary. I was sure there would have been no problem at all had I contacted you immediately, but the items themselves were in fine shape. (In fact, I'm enjoying one of the citrus basil tarts as I type this.)

It's possible that the bags containing the tarts bounced around inside shipping box. The damage was primarily to the clear cellophane panel of the bags; one was torn badly enough that the tarts had slipped out of the bag and were loose in the box. The inside of the cellophane was smeared with soy, probably because the tarts have a relatively low melt temperature, the order was placed in August, and I'm in Florida.

Again, thank you for your offer, but I'm really okay with the end result. My new order is already on its way to you. Thanks again, especially for monitoring comments on your deal -- we wootizens really like vendors who keep an eye on things!


Wooters: If you're considering ordering -- my order consisted of five items and had a flat rate shipping charge of only $5 !