dealssouth park: the stick of truth - playstation 3…


Has anyone played this? How is it?


I love it, but I'm a huge South Park fan, and I "get" the "making fun of video games" aspect of this video game.

The downside is that it really only has one play-through unless you are a 100%-er and want every achievement.


@theend81: What's the gameplay style? Turn-based? Hack and slash button masher?


It's fantastic, compared to the other South Park games, which were legendarily terrible. South Park fans should definitely play it, but it doesn't really have much content, especially by RPG standards, and most gamers can finish it in a weekend with time to spare. Great game for a night or two's rental though.


My brother has a video game podcast about it here where he gives his review.


If you're simply looking for a game, wait until the price drops more; If you're looking for an experience, and you like to laugh, then get it right now. This is, by far, one of the funniest South Park episodes ever, and the sheer amount of references would make it worth anyone's time, but they tossed in subtle humor EVERYWHERE to the point where, if you pay attention, you'll laugh every five minutes of gameplay.
As far as RPGs go, the mechanics are really strong; you can't simply choose "attack" and be done with it, even at the max level. You have to block at the moment an enemy hits you, and follow prompts when you do attacks, but in a way that it doesn't feel like Quick Time Events.

Just make sure you go to before you play it, and watch the three part episode string starting with "Black Friday"; it prefaces the story in the game, though you will still understand what's going on without the episodes.


Great game. Its about ~10 hours to get through it all on normal. I dont really like RPG's but i love south park and still had a good time. It's just like one long episode with more farts.

@bsmith1 turn based.


@pirate943: Thanks. I don't really like turn-based... "I'll just wait while you prepare your attack...then it's my turn to hit you, ok?"


If you ever played Super Mario RPG or the Mario & Luigi type RPGs it follows that kind of turn-based RPG genre. When you attack, you have timed attacks so you do more damage if you time your attacks properly. On defense, you take less damage if you time your blocks effectively.

As for the game itself I beat it in ~14 hours and had a blast the whole way through. If you're a fan of South Park it is a must-play. It's much better than the South Park games from the N64 days as expected. It is still a little expensive but I paid $80 for the collector's edition so this is cheap to me :)


@bsmith1:True, but think of this as more as an episode then video game. If you're not a south park fan dont bother, and wait til its on steam for 10 bucks


I had fun, but it felt more like an interactive episode of South Park rather than a real game. I suppose many games like this are pretty linear, as you're just playing the parts in between the story they're trying to tell, but this felt even more so. Still, it was very well done, and given that I hate RPG style play and still played it to the end, that must mean something. As everyone else says, having played it once, though, I have zero likelihood of playing it ever again, there's just nothing left to discover or experience, which is a real pity.


It's only showing up as $59.99 for me